Two sessions in September 2019 brought together University of Washington faculty from across multiple disciplines with Henry staff to discuss the theme of bodies under the law through the aegis of Bambitchell’s film. We would like to thank Dan Berger, Dian Million, Arzoo Osanloo, Dan Paz, Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky, and Joanne Woiak for participating in those sessions that seeded this colloquium.

We are additionally grateful for the guidance and support of María Elena García, Megan Ming Francis, Sandy Littletree, Chandan Reddy, and Sophia Jordán Wallace.

Many of the aforementioned University of Washington colleagues contributed written content to the colloquium. We acknowledge the challenges of balancing multiple professional, community, and home commitments in the midst of the intersecting constraints and crises of 2020 and we thank them for their contributions, as well as those from Sharlene Bamboat, Rutger Ceballos, Colin Dayan, Alec Fisher, Nicole Fleetwood, Maria Gaspar, Radhika Govindrajan, Sarah Keenan, Candice Lin, Alexis Kyle Mitchell, Grace Reinke, Christopher Schell, and Phillip Thurtle.

Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities provided funding to support this colloquium. Thank you Rachel Arteaga, Caitlin Palo, Matthew Unruh, and Kathleen Woodward—especially for your flexibility as we shifted the structure of the proceedings to accommodate the limitations imposed by COVID-19. Thanks belong here, too, to our web designer, Sophia Chan.

Our continuing gratitude for the support of our colleagues at Henry Art Gallery, in particular Tanja Baumann, Fiona Dang, Stephanie Fink, Shamim Momin, Martin Schwartz, and Ian Siporin.